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ohma by winsedswiss launches a new call for developing our pool of trainers

Posted on 18/06/2021

image of article ohma by winsedswiss launches a new call for developing our pool of trainers

What does ohma by winsedswiss stand for?

ohma by winsedswiss is a provider of adult education and continuous professional development in the hospitality industry. Our goal is to offer quality vocational education programmes that prepare our students for entering the labour market, or to come back to it possessing fresh and new abilities.

Our promise is backed by our partnership with EHL Group, which includes École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the no.1 hospitality university in the world.

With this background, ohma by winsedwsiss offers the VET by EHL vocational education programmes, which cover four professional directions:

Hotel Administration | Food&Beverage Services | Culinary | Rooms Division. 

Within these programmes, students will have the opportunity to learn the theoretical part, while also gaining practical experience alongside their instructors in the educational centre. Furthermore, students will get the chance to handle real-life situations in a learning environment, under the careful supervision of the trainers. It is a differentiating factor that will sharpen their abilities and give them a greater advantage over the competitors on the labour market.

Our centres are in Oradea, Poiana Brașov and Bucharest.

Find out more about us at:


What is ohma’s “trainers pool”?

Ohma’s trainers pool includes hospitality experts with both training abilities and the know-how to support the students participating in any of the courses, under the VET by EHL license, in order to become professionals in the field.

The trainers will have project-based contracts, in order to support the educational process and to deliver on demand a series of courses in the four diploma programmes that we offer: Hotel Administration | Food&Beverage Services | Culinary | Rooms Division.

The trainers will be coordinated by a Head Trainer, who is part of our team, and has graduated a “Train the Trainer” (TTT) course by EHL.

Instructors joining our network will take part in an internal training course before they start to work, so that our participants’ expectations may be met; namely, trainers need to know and employ the experiential learning method (Kolb).


What is the profile of an ohma trainer?

- Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a hotel chain, 4- or 5-stars hotels and/or same level restaurants

- Past internal training/coaching activities, or interest shown in the field of training

- Familiar with what is new in the field and passionate about hospitality

- Excellent communication abilities

- Dedicated to self-development

- Team player

- Open to feedback

- Passionate about people and supportive of their personal and professional growth, and ready to get involved in this process


What are the benefits of being an ohma trainer?

Once selected, you will become part of our network of trainers. This will give you the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with highly regarded international professionals in hospitality, as well as with some of the top experts in training and education.

You will also be joining a tutoring and development process. Our specialists have refined the “Train the Trainer” course, which you will need to take. It is a space of dynamic interaction with the most experienced trainers in the field.

Once you are ready to deliver a course in the ohma academy, you will be accompanied by one of our experts.

Please take into consideration that becoming a member of our trainers’ network is not in and of itself a guarantee that you will enter into a contract with us.


How do you apply?

Send us an updated CV and a letter of intent in which you tell us why you want to be part of our team.

In the letter it is mandatory to mention how you see yourself as a trainer and what you will bring to our team and our students.


Deadline for applying: 2 July 2021

Please send us the documents at [email protected] .


After the deadline, we will analyse all the subscriptions. Applicants who meet our profile requirements will be invited, between 7-21 July 2021, to take part in a 30-minute demo training session. Following this session, each applicant will receive our feedback.

Applicants who cannot be present physically in any of our locations in Bucharest/Oradea/Poiana Brașov may deliver the demo session online.

After your results, the next step is to become part of the ohma network of trainers. Together, we will be shaping the future of hospitality.


Any personal data gathered will be managed confidentially and will only be used in accordance with the purposes mentioned in the present document.

For specific information regarding our confidentiality policy and GDPR compliance of our company, you can access the following link: . By sending the CV and the letter of intent, you agree to the terms mentioned above.




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