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Breaking: Swiss educational group winsedswiss will open the first Hotel Academy in the country under the license of the École hôtelière de Lausanne

Posted on 02/06/2021

image of article Breaking: Swiss educational group winsedswiss will open the first Hotel Academy in the country under the license of the École hôtelière de Lausanne


Winsedswiss Education Group (WEG) announces the opening of the first Hotel Academy in Romania, by developing the successful model of ohma by winsedswiss from Oradea. It is a vocational education academy for hospitality, licensed by École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL).


The school will function as an integral part of the Casa Viorel hotel in Poiana Brașov, and will occupy a space suitable for the didactic activities representative of this tourist city. Casa Viorel was recently taken over in management by the Swiss educational group and will be operational under a new brand, namely hotel ohma by winsedswisss. Thus, in this dynamic space, the two components of the learning experience, theory and practice, will work together to equip the perfect hospitality professional.


In the new academy, young people over the age of 16 will be able to build up and apply, in real time, the concepts acquired, in order to obtain basic qualifications or specializations in one of the four career paths: Culinary Professional Diploma; Food and Beverage Services Professional Diploma; Rooms Division Professional Diploma; Hotel Administration Professional Diploma.


Group experts, well-known hotel professionals and EHL-certified trainers, have a direct role in managing the hotel unit, working together with students of the academy. They have the opportunity to learn and apply theoretical knowledge directly to their operational traineeships, under the guidance of instructors. Thus, guests will be welcomed by motivated young people who know how to adopt the most appropriate attitude, in order to increase the quality of the tourist experience. 


The opening of the ohma by winsedswiss Hospitality Academy in Brașov is supported by the local authorities, who declared on this occasion:

"Opening an hospitality academy of such prestige in Brașov means a significant increase in the quality of tourism services, one of our city’s economically important sectors. If we take the last report by the National Institute of Statistics, of all Romanian cities, Brașov leads in touristic significance by a comfortable margin, surpassing even Bucharest, which says a lot about the interest that tourists have for our city and, implicitly, the importance that tourism has for Brașov’s development. It is normal to want to move on to the next stage, in which every tourist who arrives in Brașov will be satisfied with the experience upon leaving. The level of services that the HoReCa sector offers contributes significantly to the satisfaction of those who visit our city. I hope, with the opening of this academy of vocational education in hospitality, licensed by École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), tourism in Brașov will reach the same quality of services as what we can find in any resort in Switzerland or Austria, so as to ensure that, in addition to increasing the number of Romanian tourists, throughout the year, we can record an increase in the number of foreigners arriving and staying in Brașov, as it was happening in the early '90s. I wish OHMA good luck and I hope that a lot of their students will stay and work in Brasov", said Deputy Mayor, Flavia Boghiu.


“We want to create a true standard for Romania, applying the best practices developed by the world’s first hotel university, EHL. We want to give Romanian hoteliers confidence to integrate enthusiastic and educated young people - who are a key asset for improving their services - in their production and business processes. After the success achieved in Oradea, we aim to strengthen the image of excellence of an effective dual education, which can significantly contribute to increasing the competitiveness of tourist destinations, as well as to improving the lives of young people. We wish to make a concrete contribution to changing the image of this industry, but also to motivate the hospitality professionals to invest in the education of those called to help them perform. We trust that Brașov is the ideal host for this ambitious and noble construction. This successful model, already implemented in Oradea, will be multiplied in Brasov and other cities where the authorities are aware that helping the education sector is a help given to the future of their city", says Professor Ray F. Iunius, Chief Executive Officer of WEG.

At the press conference occasioned to announce this project participated Flavia BOGHIU, deputy mayor of Brașov, Ion NEGRILĂ, Deputy General School Inspector of the Brașov County School Inspectorate; Silviu COSTEA, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brașov, along with professionals from the hospitality industry.

In September 2020, winsedswiss opened in Oradea the first academy in Romania under the aegis of École hôtelière de Lausanne – ohma by winsedswisss – whose graduates currently perform internships in WEG partner locations, in the country and abroad.


In Romania, WEG took over the management of two hotels, namely in Poiana Brașov (hotel ohma – Casa Viorel) and Oradea (hotel ohma – Cetate) and is preparing for the management of three more hotels and a restaurant this year.

Those interested in an international career in hospitality can consult for more information.


Contact person: Adina Triandafil, Head of Communication, tel. + 40746116186

* * *

The Swiss educational group winsedswiss (World Institute of Service Education), with offices in Romania, Switzerland, and Serbia, has as its main objective to offer lifelong learning programmes from kindergarten to university and beyond, throughout the professional career. These programmes cover the service industry such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, sports management and luxury. For this reason, winsedswiss forges partnerships with the most renowned institutions in their fields. 

* * *

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is an ambassador for traditional Swiss hospitality and has been a pioneer in hospitality education since 1893 with over 25,000 alumni worldwide and over 120 nationalities. EHL is the world’s first hospitality management school that provides undergraduate and graduate programmes at its campuses in Lausanne, Singapore and Chur-Passugg, as well as online learning solutions. The university of applied sciences is ranked n°1 by QS World University Rankings by subject and CEOWorld Magazine, and its gastronomic restaurant is the world’s only educational establishment to hold a Michelin Star. 




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