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"The waiter is not a food carrier, he has to tell you a story."

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Posted on 03/02/2023

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"Training is crucial in the hospitality industry. You can't open a hotel if you haven't trained your people at least 6 months in advance. The waiter is not a food carrier, he has to tell you a story." The statement belongs to Professor Ray Iunius, the Romanian who teaches excellence to managers of major hotel chains around the world. Based in Switzerland for more than three decades, the director of Europe's most prestigious hotel school says Romania's hospitality industry is progressing slowly due to a major lack of staff. 0 seconds of 6 minutes, 34 secondsVolume 90% embed Where can we download the COVID passport New travel rules for minors Victor Pițurcă: "I think it's a big-big abuse" Radioactive capsule sought for 8 days in Australia found Massive pollution on outskirts of Bucharest. Hundreds of complaints to the Environmental Guard Alexandru Pițurcă's first statement after being released from custody Electronic ballots will be issued by the end of the year across the country The Tate brothers have hired Mike Tyson's lawyer Police investigation at a high school in Bacau Reporter: How important is training in the hospitality industry no matter what job you have? Prof. Dr. Ray Iunius: The difference is that the waiter who doesn't have training has a middle-manager who if he picks him up off the street knows how to fit him in and do his job with him. That's not the professional waiter, because the professional waiter is not a food carrier from one place to another. You see them in restaurants they're passionate people who come in first and tell you a story, explain it to you. You look like you have three strands of lettuce, but they tell you a whole story. Then they tell you, if I may advise you, this wine goes better with... They have passion and you don't just have to have the mindset, you have to be professional, you have to know exactly what's going on in the kitchen, what the customer wants and how to meet those needs. Because the more you manage to meet the customer's needs, the more you feel a sense of pleasure, a sense of satisfaction that you have given a customer a moment of happiness, and that turns into cash for the waiter. The problem and the great tragedy in the world is that you can't find people, people have left not only in HoReCa, people have left everywhere and to me it's a mystery where they are, where they've gone, there are all sorts of variations.

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