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Interview with Ray F. Iunius, WEG CEO, for Radio România Actualități, ‘Oameni care mișcă România’ (People who move Romania) – with Ruxandra Săraru

Posted on 19/11/2020

image of article Interview with Ray F. Iunius, WEG CEO, for Radio România Actualități, ‘Oameni care mișcă România’ (People who move Romania) – with Ruxandra Săraru

Ruxandra Săraru: A man, with capital M, who has returned to Romania to wholeheartedly give back what he has learned, and not to take away... this is Professor Ray Iunius, a resounding name in the international hospitality industry.

You have shown that it can be done, in Switzerland, you have proved this for people from all over the world and now, this radio programme takes place after an important moment, the official opening of the ohma school, here in Oradea, an significant step in the hospitality industry in Romania, because it is a school for those people who want to learn service industry crafts.

Ray Iunius: Hospitality is a culture, a culture of doing good to people; Romania had a tradition of hospitality, (....) hospitality means making others happy. It is a moment of happiness, offering a moment of happiness.

Ruxandra Săraru: You need years of hard work, science, culture, things that you have learned in Switzerland, that you have taught at the most prestigious school in Lausanne and, behold: you have opened a brand here in Romania – ohma, a name that will have to be the certificate of quality in the Romanian hospitality industry.

Ray Iunius: Definitely! (...) before we get to scientific skills, we are looking primarily at common sense and attitude. You can't accomplish anything if you haven't been raised with common sense and if you don't have a proper attitude. We are looking for young people who, indeed, have a proper attitude, who have what I call 'hospitude' – hospitality attitude, that is, the attitude of the 5-star hotelier who has great respect for his client and, most importantly, the other clients – namely the employees.

Ruxandra Săraru: Why did you choose Oradea?

Ray Iunius: The reality is that Oradea chose us and I greatly admire people from Bihor. Oradea has leadership (...) I worked with some excellent people, with an extraordinary team.

Ruxandra Săraru: How have you chosen people? How did you get them to 'vibrate' with you?

Ray Iunius: It was, first of all, thanks to their extraordinary quality; I was lucky to find people with whom I had the courage to embark on such a path (...)

Ruxandra Săraru: How do you find Romania now, when you're back home? How do you see it and how do you perceive it?

Ray Iunius: A vocational school comes from vocation (...) this is the recipe of happiness, i.e. to turn a passion into a profession (...) it is to wake up and go to sleep happily.

Every time I come to Romania, I see changes for the better. I am not pessimistic, even in this period marked by discussions about Covid (...) Romania is changing for the better. Harder than expected, with much more effort for things that could be done in simpler fashion and more directly than going on a never-ending sinusoid. (...)

You must have a clear vision, you must be supported, you must have people who believe in that vision, and it is lucky that we have with us all the main actors who are doing something today in Romania, in the field of tourism, from Călin Ile, Dragoș Anastasiu, Dragoș Petrescu, Dan Mischie, Tinu Sebeșanu, Răzvan Pîrjol, Anca Nedea, and these are all extraordinary people.

Ruxandra Săraru: Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for the children and young people in Romania, as well as for the new generation coming forward and representing our future. We look up to them to make things better for us, to achieve this ‘yes we can’ in Romania.


Thank you very much for your moderate, but very strong optimism, and for the confidence you put in Romanians and in my country.”


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