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Craftsmen II

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Posted on 15/02/2023

Article published on ,  în 13 februarie 2023, de prof. dr. Ray F. Iunius


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In the first part of this article, we discussed the pressing need to rehabilitate vocational education (a subject valid not only in Romania) to change for the better the future of our youth as well as the Romanian economy. This type of education, which can take various forms, has become a hot topic across the entire European Union and beyond. Accusing the past or some minister of destroying vocational education is neither fair nor helpful for our progress. Practically, both the demand has disappeared and the constraints from the old regime to "push" young people towards this type of education because they had no other alternatives. We also lived with the false idea that we have a very well-trained and cheap workforce and, therefore, all investors would fight to come to Romania to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, many of those who left for other horizons do and did unskilled and poorly paid jobs precisely because their vocational training is not sufficient. This phenomenon is all the more serious as Romania's losses are double: the dramatic reduction of human capital and poor vocational training to raise the performance of its own economy. Investments in vocational training are even more important than those in infrastructure. They lead to prosperity. However, for this, we need to discuss calmly and intelligently, provided we know what we are talking about and do not follow erroneous perceptions, negative emotions, or a status quo for "our peace" and for a false "social peace".


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