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Gastronomy enthusiasts will go through the EHL Culinary Arts program, organized by ohma Bucharest, at the City Grill Academy

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Posted on 05/11/2021

image of article Pasionații de gastronomie vor parcurge programul în Artă Culinară licențiat EHL, organizat de ohma București, la Academia City Grill

Hospitality academy students ohma Bucharest, graduate of École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)will follow vocational Culinary Arts program at the City Grill Group Academywhere they will have access to quality education and training, thanks to the infrastructure provided by City Grill, as well as the trainers and the ohma by winsedswiss curriculum.

Module courses last six months, at the end of which young people will obtain an internationally recognised professional diploma and a qualification diploma accredited by the Ministry of Education for the Beginner module. 

The daily duration of the courses is approximately 6-8 hours, over two days of the week, with 35% of the learning-teaching time allocated to theoretical courses and 65% to practical applications, taking into account the principles of the Swiss dual education system. More than half of the schooling period is spent in practical training in restaurants in Bucharest, which can also be integrated in the workplace or in other partner restaurants. These internships are provided by winsedswiss Romania through the one alliance (ohma network for education), a network that brings together professionals in the hospitality industry, with the aim of training young people interested in building a career in the field.

The vocational programme is aimed at all those who want to pursue their passion in the field of gastronomy, develop their skills and obtain an international certification in the field, whether they are at the beginning of their career or are already professional chefs.

"Education is one of the values of the City Grill Group. We are constantly contributing to vocational training in the hospitality sector through dual education and the City Grill Academy. The partnership between City Grill and ohma is an honour and a recognition of the concern we have on these directions," says Daniel Mische, CEO City Grill Group.

"The creation of a school in partnership with the leading brands in the Bucharest hospitality industry is a guarantee of the success of this program. City Grill has proven that it understands how to combine art and passion with professionalism and intelligent management. Partnering with the City Grill Group for this EHL-licensed program provides learners with a beneficial creative environment. There is a perfect alignment between the Swiss culture of excellence, precision and performance with that of the Romanian group. I am confident that this collaboration, in support of quality education, can become a benchmark for Romania and a chance for learners to live a more fulfilling life," says Ray Iunius, CEO Winsedswiss Education Group (WEG).

Future chefs will acquire many skills at ohma, starting from mastering kitchen hygiene rules, cooking techniques, ordering/receiving and storing products and food used in the kitchen in the most efficient way to avoid losses, kitchen and stewarding department management, as well as knowledge of restaurant types, nutrition concepts, asset management, plus many other concepts.

The program is supported by guest trainers from Switzerland and George Baciu, EHL certified trainer, with experience in Sous Chef, Executive Chef, gastronomic consultant positions in 4 and 5 star hotel chains.

At ohma Bucharest, students can also specialise in one of the other three career paths: Hotel Administration, F&B Services și Rooms Division, registration is now open.

In September 2020, winsedswiss Romania inaugurated in Oradea the first academy in hospitality in our country under the license of École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), and during this year, it opened the first campus in Poiana Brasov, and then launched in Bucharest the third ohma by winsedswiss academy, supported by one alliance (ohma network for education). 

More information about ohma can be found here: 


Swiss educational group winsedswiss (World Institute of Service Education) - with branches in Switzerland, Romania, Serbia and Cyprus - has as its main objective the creation and delivery of educational programmes for every period of a person's life, from kindergarten to university and beyond, throughout their professional career. To this end, winsedswiss partners with some of the most renowned educational institutions in the field.


École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is an ambassador of Swiss hospitality and a pioneer in hospitality education since 1893, with more than 25,000 graduates worldwide of more than 120 nationalities. The University of Applied Sciences is ranked number one by QS World University Rankings by Subject and CEOWorld Magazine, and its gourmet restaurant is the only Michelin-starred restaurant-school in the world.


City Grill Group emphasizes dedication and professionalism, and we always use fresh raw materials from local producers to cook tasty and healthy dishes. We have always targeted the urban customer who usually spends his free time in the city and has business or personal meetings over a coffee, the restaurant menus are always accessible and varied, with Romanian and international specificities. 

City Grill team members work in a competitive, cooperative, ethical work environment that encourages professional and personal development. We contribute to supporting the community we are part of and have one mission, to strengthen our position as the leading restaurant operator in Romania through healthy and sustainable growth.


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